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siren eun young jung

변칙 판타지_한국판 Anomalous Fantasy_Korea Version, trailer, (Original duration: 01:25:00) 2016

Written and Directed by siren eun young jung
Performed by Eunjin Nam and G-Voice
Produced by Jooyoung Koh
Assisted by Heein Lee

Anomalous Fantasy is a performance piece which re-imagine Yeoseong Gukgeuk via a perspective of contemporary art. Yeoseong Gukgeuk that started at the end of the 1940s is a similar type of the Korean traditional operas that declined after its popularity peaking during the 1950s through 1960s. It is a Genre where singing (唱) and dancing (舞) are combined and contains remaking stories of popular myths or novels based on Korean traditional music, Pansori. Yeoseong Gukgeuk obviously appropriates the characters who perform conventional gender role and their typical melodrama, however, it has a significantly, uniquely subversive style what only women player can perform all of characters. Even though Yeoseong Gukgeuk has such a very short history and only few historical documentations, it has achieved totally new modern formation of theatre as much as radical sexual politics in particular period of Korean modernization. So far, Yeoseong Gukgeuk has been studied and analyzed based on only some interviews with several performers who is still alive as a first generation, and some faded personal photos. This piece therefore indifferently accepts this normative methodology of understanding it, rather it tries to create a technology of imagination being closer to Yeoseong Gukgeuk, an image of absence. This technology can be functionalized by managing only anomalous way refusal the myth of historical truth and traditional origin we always believe, and it also argues inherent political possibilities of the minorities in Yeoseong Gukgeuk by critically intervening into the certain hegemony, so-called 'written history'.