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siren eun young jung

Off/Stage: Guem Aeng Cho Single channel video, 00:03:01, 2012

내가 남자처럼 나무 위에 잘 올라가고…학교도 뭐 숙제 있으며는 왜 사닥다리 타고 지붕위에 왜 올라가 왜..

그니까 아부지한테 혼나고..

-선생님, 그 때 굉장히 큰 키셨죠.

그 때나 지금 키나 같애..왜냐면..

다리 걷어 보라 그럴적에 탁 걷으니까. 나를 갖다가 무용으로 봤던 모양이야..

-아…다리가 기니까.!

그래가지고 엽서가 날라왔어.

-응 뭐라고. 오라고?

아버지 도장 받아 가지고 오라고. 부모 승낙서.

근데 아버지가 여기다 주머니에 차고 다니니 저걸 어떻게 훔쳐내..

요즘 같으면 가서 목도장 하나 파가지고 가면 되는데, 근데 그짓을 못했다고 내가.

-선생님 옛날에 성격이 그렇게 남자 같으시고 막 험하게 놀고 이랬다면서 왜 이렇게 빨리 애를 나셨어요.

나도 모르겄어.

-선생님, 그게 너무 궁금하더라. 어떻게 결혼을 하셨을까..이렇게 입고 댕기면서..

그래 가지고…

-그..남자가, 남자가 좋았어요 선생님? 남편이?


-군인? 선생님은 그 때 한...


-열 여섯쯤 됐나?

열 일곱에 낳았어..열 일곱에.

-그니까. 만났으면, 열 여섯에 불을 껏으니까 열 일곱에 애를 낳았을거 아니야.

그 때 불을 껏던가, 켰던가? 아하하하하..자자..에이..불끄고 자자고..아이구..흐흐흐흐
  I was good at climbing trees.. Why did I climb a ladder toward the roof instead do homework, why..?

So, always I am told off from father…

-You must be very tall, at that time?

Same, in all ages…
...Rolled up my pants and showed my legs. They might think I am a dancer.

-Ah, because of your long legs!

Then, I had got a postcard.

-Yeh…what for? You should join in their troupe?

Bring the father's signature. I was an agreement from parents.

But my father's seal in his pocket. I couldn't steal that. How I did…

I would make another copy if I were in nowadays….wouldn't.

-How come did you give a birth to a child so early even though you was very tomboy in your childhood?


-You know, I was wondering so much. How did you get married? With this look like?


-Did you really love him? The husband?

Soldier… he was a soldier.

-Soldier..? You might be… about…

The Officer..

-About sixteen years old?

I gave a birth when I'm seventeen.

-Sure, sure. You might turn light off when you're sixteen so that you did that when you're seventeen?

I, had turned off, or on, that moment? hahahahahaha… let's sleep… you know.. oh my gosh.. hhhhhh